About SAM Node Nexus

SAM Node Nexus is a fully featured alternative to Apple iCloud, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive that is based upon the open-source NextCloud system. Along with a host of features that are listed below, the entirety of SAM Node Nexus is fully encrypted with your credentials, and cannot be accessed by anyone else unless you choose to share/link those files to them.

Features of SAM Node Nexus

  • File Cloud Storage and Sharing
  • Integrated Nexus Messages
  • Photo Gallery that allows you to organize, preview, and download your photos
  • Contact and Calendar system with CalDav syncing support
  • Audio Player for any music files you upload to your SAM Node Nexus Account
  • Video Player for any video files you upload to your SAM Node Nexus Account
  • Secure Password Storage and Organization
  • Bookmarks and Favorites Manager
  • Cloud Notes to allow you to make a note on any device
  • Talk App to allow you to chat, call, and video conference with other SAM Node Nexus users
  • Integration of Nexus Intelligence for authorized users
  • And many more features...

SAM Node Nexus Software

The SAM Node Cluster Server makes use of many different open-source software technologies to provide all the functionality to SAM Node Nexus.

Software and Features:

  • Operating Systems:
    • NethServer 7.5 (CentOS 7)
      • Ubuntu 18.04.1 Bionic LTS (Virtual Server)
    • Zentyal Server 5.1 (Based on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial)
  • Apache 2 WebSites Server with PHP 7.2 extentions
  • OpenSSL Encryption Technology
  • Active Directory Authentication and Account Manager
  • SAMBA File Sharing Server
  • Dovecot and Postfix Email Servers
  • LibreSwan LT2P/IPSec VPN Server
  • MySQL Database Server
  • Prosody XMPP Messages Server (being phased out)
  • Rocket.Chat Messages Server
  • Message Relay Server
    • Relays messages between Discord and Nexus Messages
  • SAM Node Nexus based on NextCloud 15
  • Nexus Intelligence built on the BookStacks software