About Nexus Intelligence

This article details the evolution of the feature set of Nexus Intelligence for those who are curious.

Nexus Intelligence was originally launched in November of 2017 (then known as SAM Intelligence Node, and simply referred to as SAM) to give the Agents of 1071 a means to collect, store, and share knowledge on various computer repair and diagnostic topics.

A Concept Is Born: SAM Intelligence Node


SAM Intelligence's name is a reference to the artificial intelligence of Mass Effect: Andromeda known as the Simulated Adaptive Matrix, or SAM. This name was chosen due to the Armory's replacement being called EDI (which, while unrelated, is also an artificial intelligence in the original Mass Effect Trilogy).

SAM Intelligence Node

The original launch of SAM Intelligence Node was built upon many of Apple's macOS Server-specific technologies that allowed it to function, including: Calendar Server, File Sharing Server, Website Server, and Wiki Server. The original SAM Intelligence Node was hosted as a subset of another site entirely and did not truly have an identity of its own. When Apple announced the dismantling and re-purposing of macOS Server in January of 2018, a replacement for all these technologies was required, which resulted in what would become SAM Intelligence.

SAM Intelligence

The 2018 relaunch of SAM Intelligence used a completely new codebase from its predecessor, and was built on various technologies powered by Linux-based Server Operating Systems, all of which were open source and free to use and modify. Not only would it be moved to its dedicated website, but it would form the basis of many new additions to the SAM Node Server, and prompt the evolution of the platform it ran upon. SAM Intelligence 2 would be in use for nearly six months before the transition to the SAM Node Nexus platform would begin.

The Evolution of a Concept: Nexus Intelligence


Nexus Intelligence's name is a reference to "The Nexus", a space station and central hub for Mass Effect: Andromeda, where all of the artificial intelligences known as SAM would eventually be gathered and connected to, and was chosen to honor the original name, while giving Nexus Intelligence a fresh identity.

Nexus Intelligence

The evolution of SAM Node as a whole would lead to the launch of the cloud platform referred to as SAM Node Nexus, and while SAM Intelligence was still a great tool, there were some caveats to the heavily modified core software that had been used as a "catch-all" tool, and left that version in a strange half-knowledgebase and half-webportal to other tools. Additionally, many components had been modified and added over time to try and bring more functionality to the core of SAM Intelligence, and transforming it into something of a mess under the hood. To rectify this, a new base was chosen to allow it to be only what it was always intended to be, a repository of knowledge. This would heavily streamline and modernize the interface and lead to the launch of the third iteration of the concept, now fully realized as part of a greater whole. To signify the significance of this evolution, it would be given a new name to distinguish it from what came before: Nexus Intelligence.