Avina Release History

This article will be used to track the development history of Avina.

Release History

Current Releases


2.3.9 (build 233) "New Horizons" Update 9 - February 16th, 2021

11,555 Lines of Code

2.3.9 is a minor update to Avina to fix lingering bugs in the 2.3.x series in preparation for 3.0.

  • General:
    • Corrected bugs in NodeSync related to BootSystem version detection.
    • Corrected bug in System Profiler module related to the missing CPU Flags display.
    • Corrected bug in NodeSync's initial variables causing a crash on Windows.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Removed RDM Beta as development has moved to 3.0 channel.
    • Corrected a bug where Disk Utility did not launch with Admin privileges.
    • Corrected a bug in BlueBox CPU Detection.
    • Added support for 32-bit GlyphOS Legacy.

Previous Releases


2.3.8 (build 228) "New Horizons" Update 8 - February 9th, 2021

11,464 Lines of Code

2.3.8 is a minor update to Avina to fix lingering bugs in the 2.3.x series in preparation for 3.0.

  • General:
    • Revamped MultiTool layout with use of Linux Live Kit as part of GFL3
    • Removed depreciated HardwareDetection framework and enabled use of SystemProfiler across Avina's subsystems.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Adjustments to MultiTool Drive detector for GFL3
2.3.7 (build 225) "New Horizons" Update 7 - January 30th, 2021

11,464 Lines of Code

2.3.7 is a minor update to Avina to fix lingering bugs in the 2.3.x series in preparation for 2.4.0.

  • General:
    • Initial Support for Remote MultiTool
    • SystemProfiler adjusted to accommodate lack of physical MultiTool
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • NodeSync updated to support Glyph Feature Level 3.
2.3.6 (build 220) "New Horizons" Update 6 - January 23rd, 2021

11,464 Lines of Code

2.3.6 is a minor update to Avina to fix lingering bugs in the 2.3.x series in preparation for 2.4.0.

  • General:
    • Corrected Date/Time display wrapping due to text length (Wednesdays in particular)
    • Additional bug fixes related to Networking.
    • Bugfix for SurfaceBook SMBIOS in SystemProfiler.
2.3.5 (build 217) "New Horizons" Update 5 - January 20th, 2021

11,464 Lines of Code

2.3.5 is a minor update to Avina to fix lingering bugs in the 2.3.x series in preparation for 2.4.0.

  • General:
    • Corrected bug in System Profile Module where the "C" key doesn't close the window.
    • Corrected bugs in Network Framework, re-implemented Network code from 2.3.3.
2.3.4 (build 215) "New Horizons" Update 4 - January 16th, 2021

11,465 Lines of Code

2.3.4 is a minor update to Avina and introduces the SystemProfiler Framework.

  • General:
    • HardwareDetection Framework depreciated, SystemProfiler Framework introduced as its replacement.
    • Initial Darwin support re-implemented.
    • System Information Pane updated to use SystemProfiler Framework.
    • Automatic system volume adjustment on startup.
    • Springboard Titles removed as each platform is indicated in better ways.
  • Windows-specific:
    • Support components for SystemProfiler added.
    • System Profiler module introduced.
    • OtherTools Folder set to be always visible, specific tools within check for their ISO.
    • Cinebench and Prime95 moved to OtherTools.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • System Profiler module re-introduced as a native component.
  • macOS-specific:
    • Initial work on underlying frameworks started.
2.3.3 (build 162) "New Horizons" Update 3 - January 13th, 2021

10,442 Lines of Code

2.3.3 is a minor update to Avina and introduces Driver Bundles into BlueBox.

  • General:
    • (None)
  • Windows-specific:
    • Initial support for 21H1 added.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Platform Feature Level detected and shown in SidePanel, lower Feature Levels will cause an alert to update the MultiTool.
    • BlueBox updated to include Driver Bundles, which it can install automatically via NodeSync.
2.3.2 (build 155) "New Horizons" Update 2 - December 26th, 2020

~10,302 Lines of Code

2.3.2 is a minor update to Avina that refines the codebase, introduced the Aurora style, and fixes a bug in Remote Disk Mode.

  • General:
    • New Aurora Dynamic Style introduced.
  • Windows-specific:
    • (None)
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Minor adjustments to BlueBox, including new notification of a BlueBox launch.
    • Readded missing component into Remote Disk Mode MKI that was removed with BlueBox MKI.
2.3.1 (build 151) "New Horizons" Update 1 - December 19th, 2020

~10,897 Lines of Code

2.3.1 cleans up the codebase and beings prep work for Remote Disk Mode MKII.

  • General:
    • Legacy code throughout the system removed.
    • PlatformSupport Framework cleaned up and Windows Recovery implemented as subplatform of Windows.
    • Begun introducing PlatformFunctions for common requests across platform modules.
  • Windows-specific:
    • Implemented Windows Recovery Springboard (replacing the older WinPE Springboard).
    • MountRegistry Windows PlatformFunction implemented.
    • Login Security Module implemented.
    • Disabled features known to break under Windows 7 and earlier on those platforms.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Corrected lingering bugs in BlueBox Mark II and implemented automatic boot for RE/PE environments.
    • BlueBox Mark I removed from Codebase.
    • BlueBox Mark II renamed to BlueBox.
    • Several refinements to NodeSync Framework.
2.3.0 (build 138) "New Horizons" Release - December 18th, 2020

10,897 Lines of Code

2.3.0 is a major release that accommodates for the changes coming with the MultiTool MKII and the introduction of BlueBox Mark II.

  • General:
    • Avina now plays a startup sound upon loading.
    • Notification System implemented for indicating Module Launching.
    • Implemented experimental DynamicFlow theme.
    • NodeSync Framework rewritten to make use of an NFS backend and older Git backend removed.
  • Windows-specific:
    • Refactored WindowsUpgrade module to make use of the Windows ISO file directly instead of relying on loose files.
    • Refactored OtherTools module to make use of the toolset ISO file directly instead of relying on loose files.
    • Made OtherTools Springboard only appear if the ISO is detected.
    • Windows 7 support and earlier discontinued as Avina begins to make use of Windows 8+ only system functions.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Corrected bug that occasionally causes a crash if PFK doesn't generate fast enough.
    • BlueBox Mark II fully implemented with autoconfiguration and a single configuration screen.
    • Adjusted BlueBox Mark I to locate new location of VirtualDisks.bundle.
    • Adjusted GlyphOS PlatformSupport to check for new location of archived Avina versions from use of Avina Recovery Tool.
    • Implemented first MultiTool Update component to update the BOOTER partition as needed.
    • New Windows Recovery Environment to replace older PE-based module.


2.2.2 (build 99) "Mark II Neon" Update 2 - October 22nd, 2020 (Current)

8,861 Lines of Code

2.2.2 adds support for Windows 10 20H2.

  • Windows-specific:
    • Added support for 20H2 and set it as the current release of Windows 10.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Adjusted Hardware Detection framework to accommodate new Windows 10 CPU requirements.
    • Adjusted System Information pane to show increased CPU requirements.
2.2.1 (build 98) "Mark II Neon" Update 1 - September 24th, 2020

2.2.1 corrects a bug in SidePanel System Information pane.

  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Corrected bug in System Info Pane that causes Avina to throw an error when GPU isn't properly detected.


2.2.0 (build 95) "Mark II Neon" Release - September 18th, 2020

2.2.0 introduces the Neon UI style for Avina Mark II, the most expansive visual change to Avina's UI to date.

  • General:
    • Major UI and Icon Style Refresh
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Removed System Profiler module now that SidePanel includes most information
    • Preparing for NodeSync framework to expand to cover the entire MultiTool using NFS.



2.1.3 (build 94)  "Mark II" Update 6 - September 18th, 2020

8,844 Lines of Code

2.1.3 corrects a bug in the Hardware Detection of GlyphPlatform.

  • General:
    • Adjusted version string to be more concise.
    • Adjusted Network Framework to be more responsive if the SAM Node Connection is unavailable.
    • Implemented Update Channel support into NodeSync.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Continued work on Remote Disk Mode MKII.
    • Corrected bug in BlueBox MKI when using multiple drives.
    • Continued work on BlueBox MKII.
    • Corrected bugs in Hardware Detection framework.
    • Added the Files module.
2.1.2 (build 91) "Mark II" Update 5 - September 12th, 2020

2.1.2 corrects a bug in the Hardware Detection of GlyphPlatform.

  • General:
    • Adjusted version string to be more concise.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Continued work on Remote Disk Mode MKII.
    • Corrected bugs in Hardware Detection framework.
2.1.1 "Mark II" Update 4 - September 5th, 2020

2.1.1 corrects a bug in the new AlertsPane for the TabUI.

  • General:
    • Corrected bug in AlertsPane that does not verify network access before attempting a connection.
    • Made several adjustments to the Network framework to better handle connection loss.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Added IP Address detection to GlyphPlatform in preparation of Remote Disk Mode MKII.
2.1.0 "Mark II" Release 2 - September 4th, 2020

2.1.0 introduces a new update mechanism and the new TabUI for the SidePanel

  • General:
    • NodeSync updated for more reliable Updates to Avina.
    • Implemented SidePanel TabUI.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Expanded System Information and integrated into the InformationPane
    • Beginnings of BlueBox MKII and Remote Disk Mode MKII.
    • Compatibility Profiler removed in favor of the System Information SidePanel Pane.
2.0.3 "Mark II" Update 3 - August 26th, 2020

2.0.3 refines BlueBox's Virtualization warning and adds initial disk autodetection to BlueBox and Remote Disk Mode.

    • GlyphOS-specific:
      • BlueBox has a more pronounced warning on systems without Virtualization enabled.
      • BlueBox and Remote Disk Mode now detect if there is an NVME drive installed and default to that.
2.0.2 "Mark II" Update 2 - August 14th, 2020

2.0.2 aims to correct lingering bugs in the 2.0 release and implement additional features that missed the 2.0 deadline.

  • General:
    • Preparing to implement NodeSync and SendFeedback Frameworks.
    • MKII Server and Version check implemented.
    • SelfUpdate capabilities implemented on GlyphOS.
  • Windows-specific:
    • Windows Upgrade Compatibility Override disabled due to multiple bugs.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Revamped Compatibility Profiler.
2.0.1 "Mark II" Update 1 - August 6th, 2020

2.0.1 aims to correct lingering bugs in the 2.0 release and implement additional features that missed the 2.0 deadline.

  • General:
    • Preparing to implement NodeSync and SendFeedback Frameworks.
  • Windows-specific:
    • Corrected bug in WindowsPlatform's WOW64 redirection on Windows 7 systems.
2.0.0 "Mark II" Release 1 - July 14th, 2020

8,288 Lines of Code

The 2.0 release fixes a number of bugs found in RC2 and finalizes the Mark II Codebase.

  • General:
    • Avina's icon set to the Mark II icon on all platforms.
    • Adopted universal Platform Architecture naming scheme. (x86 32-bit, x86 64-bit, ARM 32-bit, etc.)
    • Migrated PlatformVersion for Windows into the WindowsPlatform module.
    • Implemented PlatformStartup framework for System-specific launch parameters.
    • Adjusted SidePanel Framework to be more module-agnostic.
    • Expanded AppLauncher framework to include AppAdditionalScreen flag.
  • Windows-specific:
    • Windows Upgrade module can now perform a Compatibility Override to force-update a system.
    • Windows Upgrade icon now flashes when the current system is out of date.
    • Missing hotkey for Power Options implemented.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Corrected bug in the limited RAM warnings within BlueBox.
    • Disabled the Detected OEM Key screen in BlueBox now that functionality is included in the SidePanel.
    • Adjusted BlueBox to auto-scale the display and make the BlueBox run fullscreen by default.


2.0 "Mark II" Release Candidate 2 Update (1.9.1) - July 2nd, 2020

8,001 Lines of Code

Mark II Release Candidate 2 fixes a number of critical bugs found in RC1.

  • General:
    • Expanded PlatformSupport for initial Linux/ARM support.
  • Windows-specific:
    • Corrected bug in the WindowsPlatform framework.
    • Made the Windows Upgrade module more automated by skipping many of the Windows Setup prompts.
    • Readded missing SystemVerification resources from Mark I.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Added missing keymappings to Remote Disk Mode.
    • Adjusted GlyphPlatform for more reliable Avina launching.
    • Corrected bug in the KVM detection warning within BlueBox.
2.0 "Mark II" Release Candidate 1 Update (1.9.0) - July 1st, 2020

7,798 Lines of Code

Mark II Release Candidate 1 completes the transition from Mark I, and is staged for final feature testing.

  • General:
    • Adjusted various GUI elements of Avina for a cleaner look.
  • Mark II-specific:
    • Re-implemented WinPE support.
    • Added InteractiveDisplay Framework as a shared resource for various screens.
    • Implemented a hotkey-driven interface throughout Avina to allow for a more streamlined workflow.
    • Ported BlueBox Mark I and Remote Disk Mode Mark I over to the Mark II system.
    • Adjusted the GlyphOS SidePanel to include more relevant information as well as any detected OEM Keys embedded in the firmware.
    • Removed Remote FileSystem due to lack of use.
  • Mark I-specific:
    • Removed all remaining Mark I code and assets.
2.0 "Mark II" Beta 4 Update (1.5.4) - June 29th, 2020

13,532 Lines of Code

Mark II Beta 4 completes the transition from Mark I on the Windows Platform. The ability to switch to Mark I on this platform has been removed.

  • General:
    • Adjusted various GUI elements of Avina for a cleaner look.
  • Mark II-specific:
    • Ported over the remaining Mark I modules on the Windows platform.
    • Streamlined the DynamicStyle framework for quicker transitions for a snappier feel overall.
    • Performed various expansions and improvements to PlatformSupport Framework:
      • The PlatformSupport framework now has the ability to show an alert on unsupported platforms.
      • The PlatformSupport framework now includes all of the Windows Development Codenames.
    • Removed the ability to switch to Mark I on the Windows Platform. (WinPE being a temporary exception)
  • Mark I-specific:
    • None
2.0 "Mark II" Beta 3 Update (1.5.3) - June 25th, 2020

Mark II Beta 3 completes the transition of the Windows Repair modules from Mark I. Future updates will begin stripping away Mark I components.

  • General:
    • Additional GlyphOS boot options added for specific hardware quirks.
  • Mark II-specific:
    • Ported over System Verification Mark I
    • Performed various expansions and corrections in the AppLauncher Framework:
      • Corrected several bugs preventing Command Prompt and Boot Configuration from opening.
      • Introduced AlternativeAppLaunch mechanism for Shell-based scripts.
      • Introduced BypassAppPathCheck flag for built-in shell commands.
    • Performed various expansions and improvements to PlatformSupport Framework:
      • Added Platform-specific sub-frameworks
      • Re-implemented automatic Power Settings Adjustment using PlatformSupport framework.
      • Added experimental Time Resync feature to Windows PlatformSupport.
  • Mark I-specific:
    • Mark I Springboard Chooser set to select Setup by default with all Repair Modules completed.
2.0 "Mark II" Beta 2 Update (1.5.3-pre) - June 24th, 2020

Beta 2 was rushed to correct Windows 7 support and was subsequently skipped in the MultiTool update.

  • General:
    • Corrected bug that caused Avina to crash on pre-Windows 10 systems.


2.0 "Mark II" Beta 1 Update (1.5.2) - June 6th, 2020

This release enabled most of Mark II's functionality and removed the Avina Version Selection screen. This is also the last release where all of the Mark I components are intact.

  • General:
    • Mark II set as default mode
    • Disabled performance warning on some machines with older GPUs
  • Mark II-specific:
    • Ported over the majority of Windows modules/launchers from Mark I
      • Cinebench
      • Control Panel
      • Device Manager
      • Network Security Reset (was Browser/Firewall Settings)
      • Prime95
      • Restore Point
      • Task Manager
      • Windows Upgrade/Overlay
    • Expanded the AppLauncher Framework for MultiStage Module support.
    • Corrected bug in the AppLauncher on Linux platforms.
    • Added Power Options to the SidePanel
      • Power Options module replaces Mark I's Safe Shutdown
    • Begun work on the following modules:
      • System Verification Mark II (Windows)
      • Compatibility Profiler (GlyphOS)
  • Mark I-specific:
    • None
1.5.1 "Paradigm" Update 1 - May 23rd, 2020

This minor release was pushed out early to support Windows 10 v2004 (20H1).

  • General:
    • Windows 10 v2004 (20H1 10.0.19041) Support added and marked as the current release of Windows.
    • Removed 32-bit support for Windows Upgrade and Installer modules.
  • Mark I-specific:
    • Adjusted BlueBox's Product Key Detection capabilities for more consistent displays of detected keys.


1.5.0 "Paradigm" Release - March 17th, 2020

This release begins the transition to Avina Mark II, and thus all development on the Mark I codebase will be limited to critical bugs only as Modules are rewritten for Mark II.

  • General:
    • Codebase of Mark II Developer Preview 3 merged into Avina.
    • Codebase of Mark I adjusted and prepped for gradual removal during 1.5 series of updates.
    • Avina Switcher mechanism introduced to seamlessly switch between Mark I and Mark II.
  • Mark II-specific:
    • Revamped Interface with Springboard and Side Panel
    • Replacement of Notifications System and Alert Bubbles with the Notifications SidePanel
    • More robust Framework Initialization engine to better scale with feature additions.
    • Development Notes added within the source code for better documentation of Avina's internal functions.
    • Platform Detection Framework replaces Mark I's Version Detection Engine for a more robust cross-platform system.
    • Initial support for ARM processors added to the Platform Detection Framework.
    • Replaced icon with one more unique to Avina as a platform.
    • Updated the confirmation screen overlays.
    • Removed former Avina Menu Icon, as this menu has been removed in Mark II.
    • Cleaned up codebase for Mark II's continued development.
    • DynamicStyle engine implemented, replacing Mark I's Theme engine.
    • SidePanel introduced, replacing all notifications and alerts with its Notifications SideModule.
    • Status Icons introduced.
    • Network Framework added for Mark II's online functionality.
  • Mark I-specific:
    • Corrected BlueBox's Filesystem Overlay mode on GlyphOS R2.
    • Windows 10 Installer boot option added to BlueBox.
    • BlueBox's RAM Requirements lowered to 1 Gb of RAM, and will show more limited options in these situations.
      • FileSystem Overlay and the WinPE Environment are not available on systems with less than 3 Gb of RAM due to technical limitations of these components.


1.4.8 "Landmark" Update 8 - March 3rd, 2020

9,429 Lines of Code

  • General:
    • Refined Avina's Platform Detection module to allow for more refined feature subsets for specific OS releases.
    • Added support for the new MultiTool, depreciating the OmniTool.
  • Windows-specific:
  • Added missing keymappings to Remote Disk Mode.
  • Adjusted GlyphPlatform for more reliable Avina launching.
    • Incorporated Mesa3D for Windows to allow Avina to render itself in OpenGL mode even without GPU acceleration.
    • Added support for 32-bit versions of WinPE on the MultiTool.
    • Began incorporating support for Windows 10 20H1.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Added support for GlyphOS R2.
    • Adjusted Remote Disk Mode module to keep session alive on the Host if Guest disconnects until "Disable Remote Disk Mode" is clicked.
    • BlueBox rewritten to optimize the module with a revamped menu system.
      • Now auto-detects embedded product keys properly.
      • Now auto-detects system RAM.
      • Beginnings of integration with Remote Disk Mode added (not enabled yet).
      • Beginning work on storage device detection (not enabled yet).
      • Will show MRI PE as an option if ISO is found (/Resources/Bundles/BlueBox.bundle/VirtualDisks/MRI.iso)
1.4.7 "Landmark" Update 7 - February 25th, 2020
  • Windows-specific:
    • Tweaked Safe Shutdown module's execution timing slightly.
    • Updated Safe Shutdown module's Informative mode to include new functionality.
    • Added Microsoft Edge for Legacy Windows module to Windows Repair Springboard (FS#41)
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Fixed BlueBox failing to detect embedded product keys and integrated into Avina's interface (FS#46)
    • Renamed "Linux Springboard" to "GlyphOS Springboard"
1.4.6 "Landmark" Update 6 - February 6th, 2020
  • Windows-specific:
    • Safe Shutdown module adjusted to disable Hybrid Boot/Hibernation (FS#42)
1.4.5 "Landmark" Update 5 - January 21st, 2020
  • General:
    • Initial SAM Node connectivity introduced:
      • Avina can now check SAM Node to make sure it is still current (FS#38)
    • Tweaked the version detection system to give preliminary detection of ReactOS
  • Windows-specific:
    • Bug causing Windows 8.1 to report incorrectly as End of Life corrected (FS#33)
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Corrected a runaway process that causes 100% CPU usage on some older hardware (FS#35)
    • BlueBox bug preventing a second drive from attaching if it's not an optical drive fixed (FS#32)
    • BlueBox now supports creating a Filesystem Overlay on the primary disk drive for testing purposes (FS#5)
1.4.4 "Landmark" Update 4 - January 14th, 2020
  • General:
    • Avina's UI now has an embedded link to the Avina Issue Tracker. (FS#8)
    • Avina's Notification tray (bottom-right) has been adjusted to prevent text from overflowing into the Springboard Switcher.
  • Windows-specific:
    • Update Fixes module now only shows on Windows 8.1 and earlier systems.
    • Windows 7 marked as "End of Life" within Avina. Future updates and modules may erode support for Windows 7.
    • Avina will now issue performance warnings on systems running a 32-bit version of Windows 10 due to the upcoming 20H1 release.
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Remote Disk Mode bug calling Disk Utility twice corrected. (FS#26)
    • BlueBox now properly detects and displays any embedded Windows Product Keys in the system firmware. (FS#29)
    • BlueBox now supports adding up to 2 drives, and has a mechanism to detect if the second drive is an optical one. (FS#25)
    • BlueBox's firmware now has data identifying it as BlueBox hardware. (FS#30)
    • BlueBox now properly resets when relaunching it in PE Mode. (FS#27)
1.4.3 "Landmark" Update 3 - January 11th, 2020
  • Windows-specific:
    • Font size adjusted in PE-specific modules to accommodate potential screen resolution issues. (FS#18)
  • GlyphOS-specific:
    • Existing Remote Disk Mode module renamed to Remote FileSystem to better describe its functionality.
    • Remote Disk Mode re-introduced using mechanism to allow remote access to the low-level disk drive. (FS#24)
    1.4.2 "Landmark" Update 2 - January 7th, 2020
    • Windows-specific:
      • Bug in Update Fix module corrected (FS#2)
      • Bug in Security Bypass module corrected (FS#19)
      • Browser and Firewall Module now automatically resets Windows Firewall
      • Added Cinebench and Prime95 modules (FS#10)
    • GlyphOS-specific:
      • BlueBox on machines without VT-x or AMD-V now emulates a CPU instead of closing (FS#6)
      • Added new Windows Compatibility Checker module (FS#3)
      • Replacing buggy Remote Disk Mode engine with new more performant and reliable engine (FS#9)
      • Introduced Remote OmniTool for DVD booting with Internet connectivity (FS#21)


    1.4.1 "Landmark" Update 1 - December 17th, 2019
    • General:
      • Replaced all menus throughout Avina with new style.
    • Windows-specific:
      • Corrected a bug in Security Bypass module.
    • GlyphOS-specific:
      • Several updates to the BlueBox module:
        • Tweaked the Windows OEM Key detection
        • Several bugs in the BlueBox Initialization fixed
        • Fallback to CPU emulation if KVM support is not available
        • UEFI/BIOS GlyphOS boot mode detection
        • BIOS support
      • Remote Disk Mode introduced


    1.4.0 "Landmark" Release - December 10th, 2019
    • General:
      • New Avina logo and Icon.
      • Dynamic Theming with Landmark backgrounds.
      • Massive Codebase cleanup.
    • Windows-specific:
      • Preparations for System Verification module revamp.
    • GlyphOS-specific:
      • Linux Springboard introduced (Initial framework introduced in 0.9.3 Beta).
      • Avina BlueBox introduced (Initial framework introduced in 0.9.3 Beta).

    1.2.5 "Singularity" Update 5 - November 13th, 2019

    6,644 Lines of Code

    • Windows-specific:
      • Updated Windows Version detection engine to better handle newer Windows releases.
    1.2.4 "Singularity" Update 4 - November 12th, 2019
    • General: 
      • Update Fixes modules now greys out when the module is disabled.
    • Windows-specific:
      • Support for Windows 10 19H2 (10.0.18363) introduced.
    1.2.3 "Singularity" Update 3 - August 29th, 2019
    • General: 
      • Safe Shutdown added to GS Springboard.
      • Workaround for MRI not launching in PE mode when booting from Optical Disc added.
      • Corrected wording in OS Install module's notification.
      • Updated Avina's  icon to match new theme.


    1.2.2 "Singularity" Update 2 - August 6th, 2019
    • General: 
      • Nebulae-inspired theme.
      • Improved the BootSplash for a smoother transition to the Springboard Chooser. 
      • Springboard Selection bug that caused it to appear in PE Mode corrected.
      • Springboard Selection now fades out for a smoother transition.
    1.2.1 "Singularity" Update 1 - June 7th, 2019
    • General: 
      • Added Springboard Selection to replace current "User Verification" system to select first Springboard.
    • Windows-specific: 
      • Corrected Version detection bug in MS Office module incorrectly flags 19H1 as a non-10 version of Windows.


    1.2.0 "Singularity" Release - May 14th, 2019
    • General:
      • Introduction of Avina BootSplash.
      • Revamped and cleaned code base with fully modular capabilities.
      • Introduction of Informative Mode.
      • Revamped Alert and Informative "Hex Bubbles".
      • Introduction of the Avina Menu's Options page to enable Informative Mode.
      • Revamped Springboard system to make use of modular system.
      • Added new Springboard indicators to indicate which Springboard is active.
      • New Avina icon to match Hex-style.
      • Added setting for Avina to render itself at 50% size if there is no GPU acceleration available.
    • Windows-specific: 
      • Corrected Version detection bug in Alert bubbles.
      • Avina now detects if it is running in Wine and will alert its unsupported status.


    1.0.2 "Event Horizon" Update 2 - May 9th, 2019

    4,679 Lines of Code

    • General:
      • Replaced remaining icons with their new Hex-styled versions.
      • Introduced "Informative Alerts".
      • Added animation support to alert bubbles.
      • Introduced basic Antivirus detection for the purpose of system upgrades.
    • Windows-specific: 
      • Support for Windows 10 19H1 (10.0.18362) introduced.
      • Update Fixes module will no longer launch on unsupported systems. It will instead show an Informative Alert instead.
    1.0.1 "Event Horizon" Update 1 - May 8th, 2019
    • General:
      • Updated Agent Authentication.
      • Revamp of Icons to match new Hex-style.
    • Windows-specific:  
      • Browser and Firewall Settings module's script has been depreciated as the functionality has been incorporated into Avina's core. This has resolved the lingering bugs in this module.
    1.0.0 "Event Horizon" Release - April 18th, 2019
    • General:
      • Added Avina Menu icon for future additions.
      • Cleaned up codebase and packed loose files into their compiled versions.
      • Adjusted visuals with new "Event Horizon" wallpaper.
      • Updated Avina icon to match "Event Horizon" style.

    Beta Releases


    0.9.5 Final Beta - March 19th, 2019

    4,279 Lines of Code

    • Updated Avina icon to match visual style.
    • Disabled faulty Update System.
    • Safe Restart option added to Safe Shutdown module.
    • PE Mode Springboard (PE-blocking bug finally corrected).
    • Removed developmental "Performance Warning" that occurred when no GPU acceleration was available.
    • Added Notification icons on appropriate modules.
    • Refined Windows version detection.


    0.9.4 Beta - March 12th, 2019
    • New OmniTool Drive icon to match Avina's style.
    • Improved 32/64-bit OS detection on Windows.
    • 32-bit modules for 32-bit editions of Windows. Modules without 32-bit support will state this instead of causing a fault in Avina.
    • Notifications System.
    • Windows Version detection and Upgrade alerts introduced.
    • Several Visual Improvements:
      • Refined Springboard to add a feeling of frosted glass to the interface.
      • Adjusted the Springboard Switcher.
      • Several icon replacements.
      • Corrected text alignment under icons.
      • Embedded the Ubuntu font family into Avina.
      • Adjusted Choice Buttons to match Avina visual style.
    • Uninstaller module now has a "Back" option to cancel out of the module.
    • Beginnings of "Informative Mode" framework.
    • "Safe Shutdown" module for Data Backups.
    • Expand Office Installer module to include the following options:
      • Office 365 (Home Premium and Business), 2016 and 2019 (Home Student and Home Business) installers
    • Restructure of Agent Authentication to better support multi-platform Springboards.
    • Corrected a bug that prevented VLC Player from installing.
    • "System Verification" module now alerts the user with an auditory alert and a pop-up notification when complete.
    • "Browser and Firewall Settings" module will now attempt to open Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox if installed.
    • "SAM Node Nexus" module added.
    0.9.3 Beta - March 9th, 2019
    • Adjusted Springboard layout to more closely resemble an iOS influence.
    • Revamping the Windows Springboard to use a "Setup/Repair" split as opposed to a "CA/ARA" split.
    • Adding Boot Configuration and Admin Command Prompt modules to Windows Repair Springboard.
    • Removed Power Settings module.
    • "Restore Point" module reverted to open Restore Point window due to inconsistencies in automatic restore point creation.
    • Power Settings are automatically adjusted at Avina's launch.
    • Corrected several cases of Avina freezing during Module run.
    • Corrected handling of 64-bit processes causing various bugs.
    • Beginnings of the NexusOS/Linux Springboard.
    • Beginnings of the PE Springboard.
    • Initial BlueBox Framework.
    0.9.2 Beta - March 7th, 2019
    • Avina icon replaced with new design.
    • Bugfix for the "Update Fixes" module.
    • Bugfix for the "Remove Security Bypass" module.
    • Bugfix for the "Browser Settings" module.
    • "Restore Point" module now automatically purges old restore points and generates a new one.
    • Early stages of Auto-Updates integrated into core app.
    • Early stages of multi-platform support integrated into core app.
    • Early stages of PE support integrated into core app.
    • Early stages of Apple Hardware detection framework integrated into core app.

    Alpha Releases


    0.9.1 Alpha - February 23rd, 2019

    2,897 Lines of Code

    • This quick update to the alpha release added the remaining missing functionality in Avina.
    • The Windows 8.1 update fix was introduced within the Update Fixes module.
    0.9.0 Alpha - February 22nd, 2019

    This was the first functional release of Avina, though several components had not been enabled yet, specifically System Verification, Update Fixes, and Restore Security Bypass.

    0.1.0 Alpha - February 10th, 2019

    This was the tech demo of Avina that demonstrated its Agent Verification and Springboard, but without any true functionality.